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Its Been So Long

I apologize to those who follow my posts for my absence but the universe made it so I couldn’t blog for awhile. Now, I am back and ready to share once again. Life is been nothing but interesting for me. Many lessons, obstacles, tears, moments of helplessness, and great victories were had. If you would have told me last year this where I would be now; I would have said no but reality is real and here I am. 

I am embarking on a journey  which has no turning back. I can say I am fully accepting of it. Transformation is hard and challenging yet so rewarding. This blog will transform as well. I now know what I must share and bring forth into light. I believe we all are changing because we feel something has and is changing. Life as we know it to be is in fact challenging us to become aware of our lives? How you live today does in fact effect how you live tomorrow. We are so concerned about tomorrow we don’t live in today. Living in the moment really does take on a different meaning once you sit down and think about it. 

We are so connected to one another perhaps we will love one another. Everything is frequency, everything is one, we are all one. Don’t you see it? Can you feel it? Let us be one…keep bringing the vibration up

Mercury Retrograde 

Mercury Retrograde is in full effect for the past 4 days. It will last until July 1st. Mercury is going backwards in Cancer and Gemini. Emotions and thoughts will be analyzed. Reflection of the deepest level will be had. Dreams will be vivid and emotional. Your thoughts will be logical but with a sense of optimism. Love affairs started at this time will prove to be long last and deep. Take advantage of this time especially; Cancer, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Don’t lose yourself in this time; roll with the punches
Astrology & You turned 2 today!
Happy New Year! Today marks the first day of the year of the wood horse. This year should be a interesting year for all. Since, the element is wood; determination, drive, patience, sexuality, passion, hard work, flexibility, money, anger, and leadership all come into play this year. The horse being the animal representing this year will be a year of adventure, fast movement, wildness, intelligent moves, hard work, passionate love affairs, and looking for greener pasture. This will be a good year for us Sagittarius since the centaur represents us. Expect a year full of surprises, opportunities, success, road blocks finally breaking apart, love affairs breaking away and making new for a more stable commitment. Those Sagittarius born with a lot of earth in their charts expect a year with some challenges but you over coming every single one of them with a huge smile. Life as you know it will and is changing. HAPPY NEW CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!

Anonymous asked: To finish the cut off dream... he was happy to see me and it was like he was waiting and like he expected me to show up, although it was 3 years later. Yeah,I left numerous upset voicemails about trying to get in touch with no response previously.

Don’t be afraid. Reach out to him and explain your feelings. He is thinking of you also. There’s unleft business that needs to be resolved.

harleyhillz asked: Oh cool, what part of nj? And general idea of fee if I were to ask for reading?

I live in Hudson county…40 for a general reading.

Anonymous asked: can I ask for a reading about what my soulmate/twin flame is like and when I will meet them?

Where do you live? We can do a reading by phone. I do charge for these readings.

harleyhillz asked: I live in New Jersey :)

Me too. We could do the reading by phone or in person. I do charge and I would you will give me a review whether you like it or not :)

Anonymous asked: In a dream I am talking to someone who misses a friend and so they hang near their house trying to run into them, trying to make it look casual.  It seemed wrong to me, because it was a set up and so much time had passed with them, although it was months. Later I find myself doing such. Walking by a house in the dream checking to see if an old friend is home. Only we hadn’t spoken in 3 years. I turn to leave because I changed my mind, we bump into eachother. I am petrified, but they are happy to

Your message cuts off…you don’t like being a sneak. You rather be up front and take a risk. Your heart is always on your sleeve. This friend is very important to you. Did you do something to this friend for you to be afraid subconsciously to see them??

harleyhillz asked: How might I be able to get a tarot reading? :)

Where do you live??